ORACLES - production info

  • This is a personalized interactive theatrical experience whereby audience members begin by picking an oracle card, then go to the room the card suggests. There they will visit the character depicted in the card. 
  • Each card guests pick along the way determines the next step in their journey. Thus, no two experiences are alike and guests can return to the show to take a different path.
  • Actors will have a scripted scene to perform and repeat it (with slight variations) each time a new person comes to them
  • The amount of interaction by the audience will be guided by the actor. If the actor is adept at improv, there will be opportunities to interact off the cuff in character—rather like the face characters at Disneyland
  • Auditions - Saturday 1 August 2020. Details TBA
  • Rehearsals - Approx 12 total throughout the month of September 2020. Details TBA
  • Performances - Planning to have 6 weekend shows in October 2020. Details TBA
  • The venue (yet to be selected) will most likely be in Long Beach, SoCal. At these point we are more than open to suggestions. 
  • Looking for something that looks a little faded and dated with one room large enough to seat 30 (chairs only, no tables). 
  • The space should also have at least 6 small rooms/offices in which the actors will perform.
  • We'll need a check-in area ie a lobby or courtyard
  • And a green room would be nice.
  • 9 actors, each to play 1 or 2 "card characters." Those who play 1 part will be asked to serve as "fortune tellers" directing audience members
  • 3 tech folks to do sundry stuff including check-in

More info to follow ...